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 Midnight Arcana (PHPBB), An original, supernatural RP
 Posted: Aug 21 2016, 05:37 AM

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The Big Easy. The heart of our present, modern day play is set in New Orleans, Louisiana, but certainly not limited to it. New Orleans is known for its music, zest for life and its ready acceptance of the supernatural and what lay beyond the veil of reality. Her people are well versed in a fusion of cultures and a society uniquely her own where they seem to have found some semblance of balance among the general populace and things which go bump in the night.

The real questions of concern one may ask themselves are at what price and dangers behind the scenes make this unsteady cohabitation of races possible and for how long can it last - is it due in part to the protectors of the Stone Veil, or the hunters of the Shadow Realm providing a system of checks and balances? Could it be a combination of the supernatural races leaders keeping a minimal peace while even still some endeavor to usurp that effort and come out into the open without consequence?

Nothing is black and white in this chronicle and betrayal is often the most poisonous, working like a cancer from within to cripple and destroy the ideal of utopia..
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