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 Posted: Jun 30 2014, 11:58 PM

27 years old
momma to be

You look a lot like forever I'm made of yesterdays. Even if you don't believe me I couldn't be less afraid.
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joined on 17-May 13

After you read the rules, please take the time to go through our guidebook to help ya get settled on our site!

  • We are a no word count site, but we do expect for you to post something your roleplaying partner can respond to.
  • We ask that you be 18 years of age or older when joining the site. We are in compliance of the JCINK Premium Service ToS which means explicit sex, gore, and language are allowed.
  • Please create an out of character account when you first join. Your character accounts will be sub-accounts to your OOC parent account. You post your character applications with your OOC account.
  • We are not strict on activity, but if you join up and don't make a character in the first week but make a face reserve you will lose it if you don't keep in communication with us within 7-10 days. Otherwise, we hold all members to a 4 week activity rule. If we haven't heard from you, seen any postings or haven't seen you online in four weeks we archive your characters, threads, etc.
  • You can only have a reserved face for two weeks and can only have three reserved faces unless otherwise approved by staff. Wanted Ad faces fall under this as well. If you don't have a wip up within a week of reserving, you lose the face unless you've spoken with staff.
Character Creation
  • Original character ideas; we require that all character concepts be original and not a rip from a movie, show, or book. And what we mean by that is using the same name, face claim and occupation of a character on a movie, show, or book. We don't mind inspirations, but we do not allow any outright character rips from movies, shows, or books. This goes for wanted ads as well. Any outright character rips will be rejected.
  • Character age limit; Characters must be 18 years or older, but no older than 4000 years old.
  • Due to multiple instances in which members came out confused over names and characters, we ask that you refrain from using a name for your character that is already in use.
  • Wanted ads have their own thread for rules.
  • TKF doesn't have a character limit, however, we ask that you have at least 15 IC posts on your last character you've created before you can make another. This helps to promote stability within each character you make before taking on another one. If you have a character you've created in the past and it has less than 15 IC posts, staff may deny your applications and reserves in hopes to enforce stability on this matter. Given our awareness that being new to a board means being eager to jump in with both feet, new members will likely be exempt from this rule for the creation of their first three characters.
  • Please write in past tense and write from third point of view for your in character posts.
  • Use to the best of your ability proper grammar and spelling, but we are by no means nazis about this.
  • Please refrain from rping with yourself unless it's done for character development. Basically, we don't want you rping with yourself just so you can have a romance.
  • If you leave the site and your character was crucial to a few characters, your character will either be killed off or written off in a manner that they've left. This is so that others can easily move around your absence and use it for character development.
  • While we don't allow people to outright kill your character, if your character has done something that is punishable by death you need to understand that it can happen - death for your character that is. IC actions have IC consequences much like it would in real life.
  • If you're involved in a group thread, that thread becomes priority. It's to be posted in above all other threads you have going on. If you are involved in one and feel you can't keep up please contact the thread starter to let them know. Otherwise you're holding up a thread that might be waiting on your pivotal post. Always check with the thread starter if there is a posting order or not.
  • Your avatars must be 200px by 300px.
  • Your signatures can be no more than 500px by 200px.
  • Please refrain from showing full nudity in your avatars and signatures.
  • Your application image is 200px by 300px. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • No template larger than 500 pixels wide.
  • You may use any posting templates or plotter templates that you like. We ask that you make sure that the font color is readable as well as the size. If for any reason we can not read your template, we will either ask you to edit it or have it removed.
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