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 Posted: Jul 1 2014, 08:42 AM

27 years old
momma to be

You look a lot like forever I'm made of yesterdays. Even if you don't believe me I couldn't be less afraid.
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joined on 17-May 13

The Kill Factor is an award winning & long standing close knit community of active, amazing writers that offers up multiple plots involving everything from witches to vampires. The existence of supernatural creatures is still a secret to most, but these creatures still loom in the shadows. Set in the year of 2015, TKF is centered around many plots featuring various if not all characters on site.

While supernaturals are in the dark, there is one company that knows of their existence and will stop at nothing to find out the secret of how supernaturals are as powerful as they are. The need to create a super human race, BGI will risk everything to get what they want. Loved ones come up missing all the time - human and supernatural alike. Someone must do something but can they?

Packs rival against packs, territory wars are on the rise. The vampires fight amongst themselves and the witches are playing a hand in all of it as well. Coming together to stop a common enemy is going to take a lot of time and convincing... and that's if they even bother to care enough to eradicate the problem.
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